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Office Cleaning Services Cape Town

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Office Cleaning Services Cape Town

We are a safe and environmentally friendly office cleaning services Cape Town company with a main intent aligned with promoting greenness the work environment is becoming today. Once the cleaner has finished emptying all the bins, they will then move onto wiping down all desks and surfaces with the appropriate cloth/s (always a green microfibre cloth). The number one thing our cleaners do not do when wiping down a work desk is move things around. This means paperwork, books, etc., will stay in place. You may wonder why? To be honest we are all creatures of habit and most of us have things in the place that makes sense to ourselves. We have found that moving things can just be annoying to your team.

Vacuuming can be looked at in two different ways depending on the size of a site. Firstly, in a very large office, our cleaners spot vacuum. This entails vacuuming areas of the office that are visibly dirty. These typically high traffic areas are cleaned during every visit, whereas detailed vacuuming of low-traffic areas are conducted on a schedule that is included in the scope of works. You can picture that the whole office gets a good vacuum once a week or as often as needed. In a small office (around 100 to 300 sqm), vacuuming processes are done a little differently. We are more than likely going to detail vacuum the entire office during every clean. This is due to the nature of the site being small – foot traffic is more concentrated which means the space requires more attention.

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