SEO Pack for Cleaning Websites

Do you want your business website on the 1st page of Google/Bing/Yahoo when visitors search for cleaning services in your area ?


Did you know that millions of people are searching for cleaning services? Do you want that some of them to become your clients by finding your business via search engines or yelp style review websites? If yes please continue reading…

This SEO Pack is usually enough to rank your website on the 1st page of Google, in the top 10 positions, for search phrases like “after party cleaning service” townname/zone, when townname is not a huge metropolis like NY or London.


What this SEO pack contains

  • 1 business featured listing here, on
  • 20 extra listings from high quality catalog websites (think YellowPages style), that have a cleaning section. Each listing will have a link to your website, helping with search engine rankings but also bringing clients that look for cleaning services in YellowPages or business catalogs websites.
  • A detailed SEO analysis of your website, to identify potential problems that prevent your website ranking better in search engines results pages.
  • 1000 backlinks for the new 20 extra listings created, to bring more visitors and better rankings.


Why this SEO pack will help your website rank better

The SEO analysis, followed by recommendations, will identify and repair problems with your SEO website structure.

The 21 listings that will point to your website will come from same topic (cleaning), high quality websites. This is extremely important today, when good search engine rankings require links from relevant, high quality, same niche websites.

Your business website will get more clients from 2 sources : 1) directly from search engines because of the better rankings and 2) from each of the external listings (many clients browse YellowPages style catalogs looking for cleaning services)


Results $ Guarantees

We guarantee that your rankings for the main keyphrase will increase after 3-4 weeks and we also guarantee that your website will start to get extra business leads (phone calls, emails, contact enquiries from potential clients) after 3-4 weeks, otherwise we will refund your payment.

Typical results are top 10 position for longer keyphrases like “after party cleaning service” townname/zone , where zone or town is middle sized area. For metropolitan area the pack is usually enough to lift the site in top 200.


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