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Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas -

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Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas -

GreenWay Carpet Cleaning is Las Vegas Nevada’s favorite for a reason. Our services include: Carpet Cleaning – Upholstery Cleaning – and Tile Cleaning. Our number 1 goal is 100% satisfaction from every customer. We specialize in neighbor helping neighbor customer service and are always pushing our custom built equipment to the max to give you the best clean you’ve ever experienced. Call now to see what the GreenWay experience is all about. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business. “Think Green, Thank GreenWay”

GreenWay Welcomes you too Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas done the GreenWay.


Where old world customer service meets modern cleaning technologies.


My name is Charlie King the owner of GreenWay carpet cleaning in Las Vegas NV and I want to thank you for being able to offer the best cleaning experience Las Vegas has to offer.


We believe we have the least environmental impact carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, we also do the best possible at every job. All while providing you the most thorough cleaning on the market. One thing I have always loved is when calling a local service and being able to talk to the owner on the phone so much, that I wanted to offer you all the same. Lets face it, we are all super busy these days, that’s why I decided to develop a way to book for Las Vegas carpet cleaning on-line. So why book a carpet cleaning Las Vegas?


We hope to make things a easy as possible on your end. So feel free to fill out the contact us form, or give us a call, or even now offering text messaging! We Love Las Vegas, and are so thankful to call it home. And love the fact we can provide the highest quality cleaning, all while keeping the impact on Las Vegas county as small as possible.

We Use Less Water –

We use Citrus and Oxygen to clean your carpets in Las Vegas NV.

We use Citrus and Oxygen to clean your carpets in Las Vegas.

On average we cut water usage by over 50% of what other companies use, which not only conserves water, it keeps your dirt, grease, etc at the surface of your carpet fibers. Most will use so much water it they end up shooting half of the stuff down into your carpet padding. This does create a bacteria breeding ground for out human proteins that are food to the invisibly unwanted creatures hidden below.

Modern Cleaning–

Our proprietary, all natural, even some organic, cleaning solutions, dissolves those hard to get out stains from your carpet then dissolves most stubborn stains, (its pretty awesome to see them work in person) we will come into contact with. Our custom built machines work in synergistic ways to lift and pull the stains with our cleaning agents and come through  pulling most dirt and stains away from your carpet.

Fast Drying –

Because of our revolutionary cleaning process of using multiple methods with custom tools and machines, we only need a light mist of cleaning solution to get the most thorough clean you will ever experience. We are usually able to get your floors dry within a couple of hours, which really depends on soiling conditions. However if you need a super quick dry because of guests coming over, or elderly, please let us know because we do have the ability to get bone dry within an hour, or even completely dry methods available.

Your Favorite Carpet Cleaner Mascot Earnie

Zero Residue Cleaning –

At GreenWay we might be the only ones who will tell you it is simply not healthy or ethical business practices to leaving any sort of cleaning solution in your carpet fibers. Many company run soap though the “clean” rinse water, we do not do that. We apply our amazing solution first, then do a live steam rinse. We even go as far as using a water softener for our steamer. Our carpet cleaning Las Vegas customers tell us often they cant believe how soft there carpets are, they say softer then when they were new. We also will never scrub stains into your carpet then leave with out rinsing them out first.

Recycling –

We not only try and print on recycled papers when possible, we also recycle all boxes, chemical jugs, we can. Often times we will end up having to head to the recycle center to bring extras!

Custom Built Equipment

Can we really get carpets cleaned with lower water, and safer chemistry? All while having the carpets dry quicker than what your used to? Yes, in fact we found the all natural cleaning ingredients seemed to work better than any of the synthetic once widely available. Ok back to our equipment and machines! We would love to show you, Our machines are custom built from the ground up, our tools are super fine tuned, even for every job. Yes you heard right, we adjust our equipment for every sing job we do.

We often get asked ” but will it get my carpets as clean as the other guys ” Yes, in fact how were are able to do what we do with less water and safer chemistry is our equipment is amazingly powerful. Just wait till you see it! We have done over a decade of fine tuning and customizing, we believe and so do others that we have the most dialed in set up possible.


You can find us at : Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas


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