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Carpet cleaning services Bristol

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Carpet cleaning services Bristol

The most powerful way to deep clean carpets is hot water extraction, most people refer to this as carpet steam cleaning, but the two methods are not the same.

The most common carpet steam cleaner known is a rug doctor, they work by heating the water enough to convert it from a liquid to a gas and is not overly effective when it comes to deep cleaning carpets because the fibres are not rinsed, so when trying to get stains and marks out of carpets they often fail. Hot water extraction techniques is heating the water enough that it doesn’t turn to steam and rinses the fibres on a much deeper level. This is the most effective way to remove stains from carpets and upholstery.

Hot water extraction involves pumping hot water in to the carpet which is then extracted, there are a few steps involved when doing this technique.

    • Establish what the carpets are made of, this can often be done over the phone with one of our specialists which is then confirmed when we arrive at the property. Sisal and seagrass carpets are not suitable for this type of cleaning as it can cause the materials to shrink and become defective. It is recommend that you have these dry cleaned.
    • After an appointment has been made to carry out the professional carpet cleaning service, we will setup our hot water extraction machine at the property and fill the machine with water.
    • The machine has an inbuilt heater which will instantly heat the water, this improves the effectiveness of the clean of the carpets and accelerates the dry times.
    • Our carpet cleaning professional will then pre-treat the carpet with detergents suitable for the material and the requirement of the job. For example we have detergents especially for different types of stains, whether that’s coffee, wine, urine, faeces, blood and many other common carpet cleaning stains.
    • We then begin to soak the carpets with the hot water using our professional carpet cleaning machine, whilst simultaneously vacuuming the moisture up. This will help improve the overall dry time, however it may take several hours to completely dry after we finish.
    • A stain protector is then applied  to protect your carpet against future stains and spillages and ensure that we prolong the life of the carpets.

If you are looking for professional carpet cleaning services, Carpet Cleaning Pros have you covered. Our carpet cleaning services are carried out by our NCCA trained and insured expert technicians and are available for both your home and business.

We tailor our carpet cleaning services to meet each customer’s individual needs and carry out a range of different types of carpet cleaning including; end of tenancy carpet cleaning, stain removal and general freshen ups.

Our carpet cleaning services are carried out using the latest techniques and using the best carpet cleaning machines available in the industry.


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