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Commercial & Residential Ceiling Dusting, Cleaning and Maintenance Los Angeles

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Commercial & Residential Ceiling Dusting, Cleaning and Maintenance Los Angeles

We focus on one thing and one thing only and we specialize at it. You likely keep an immaculate establishment, but the only area that’s always hard to get to is the ceiling. That’s where we come in. Regular maintenance is extremely valuable and it will increase your business and save you money.

Our Mission is to provide regular light cleaning/dusting for the areas that establishments can’t easily reach, for a cost they can easily afford. Regular maintenance is extremely valuable – it will increase your business and save you money. Let us show you how much of a difference this small investment makes.

Have you looked at your ceiling recently? Chances are you’ll be surprised at what you see. You’ll likely notice dust buildup in different areas of your ceiling such as corners, creases, ceiling fans and air vents! If you’re running a place of business you don’t want your customers to see dirt anywhere. You may not be thinking about your ceiling but some customers do. Enhance the appearance of your establishment and keep your customers from being turned away.

Dust can build up very quickly in those areas and can be very difficult to clean. That’s where we come in! Let us do the work and help you keep your ceilings looking clean. We vacuum your ceiling to remove any visible dust and debris. We’ll even cover things like ceiling fans, hanging lights, beams, pipes, ducts, etc.

If there’s dust around the upper parts of the walls, we’ll take care of that as well. Dust and dirt builds up very quickly in public areas. Ceilings are usually neglected and end up collecting a lot of dust and debris quickly. All that dust and dirt can worsen the air quality at your establishment. Also, dust and dirt from the ceiling can drop down and contaminate food and other sensitive products which is a health hazard.

Cleaning ceilings can be a very difficult and costly expense. However, in most cases, a deep cleaning is not required very often. An establishment with a kitchen may need to clean their ceiling every six months. An office building may only need to do a cleaning every three years. A residence can go five years without really needing to clean their ceiling. Air duct cleaning is only recommended every five years. The reason being is because it’s a costly, requires a crew and takes a lot of time.

However, light maintenance is affordable, quick, effective, preventative and valuable. It is also necessary because dust builds up very quickly and is very noticeable. With regular ceiling cleaning and maintenance built into your budget, you will save both time and money in the long run. It’s an investment in the health of your employees and customers, the appearance and appeal of your establishment and maintainence of high standards to be proud of.

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(213) 474-7506


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