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Floor Stripping Montgomery, Frederick, Carroll, Howard Counties MD

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Floor Stripping Montgomery, Frederick, Carroll, Howard Counties MD

We are a reliable, top quality family owned Janitorial Cleaning Company & Professional Floor Waxing Service with over 20 years of experience. Our company is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team are trained professionals committed to ensuring top quality cleaning on every visit. Our cleaning services are backed by our Quality Control Program which includes on-site visits and customer service surveys. This program is designed to keep our customers satisfied and make sure our cleaning remains top of the line.

1) Floors are swept and damp mopped to remove all dirt/debris, gum etc. prior to Floor Stripping & Waxing Services.

2) Using an electric floor scrubber, wet-dry vacuum and specialized solution, we thoroughly remove old wax/finish buildup, embedded dirt, soil, grease, scrape marks & scuffs.

3) Once the floor is stripped, a gentle neutralizer solution is then applied so that your new floor finish will adequately adhere to the clean floor. Floors are waxed to provide protection and exceptional shine to floors!

What customers say : “Wow….truly more than what I expected. Professional cleaners showed up on time and promptly and efficiently performed floor cleaning services for my residential home in Germantown. 100% Satisfied. Thank you J.R.N.T. Cleaning Services for the great work!


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