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Office Cleaning Sydney

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Office Cleaning Sydney

A clean background environment makes for a better company, both for impressing customers and performing at your best. Your Sydney office cleaning is best handled by professionals like SBHI Cleaning Services.

Sydney Office Cleaning by SBHI Includes:
– Carpet steam cleaning needs to be done annually and more so in heavy traffic areas. This uses equipment that non-professionals do not have, and extends the life of the carpet.
– Disinfect surfaces. Essential for reducing illness
– Disinfect kitchens. Less of an issue in your own home, but a problem in an office as you never know who has been using the facilities before you.

SBHI (Previously trading as LDMP Pty Ltd) was found in 2002 and has over 10 years of history. From 2002 to 2011, for about 9 years, SBHI has been expanding its business solely relying on the referrals from existing clients, without advertising or promotions. We pride ourselves for being a trust worthy partner of our clients. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy cleaning company, we are confident that SBHI is the company you are looking for. We will not say that SBHI is THE PERFECT cleaning company. But we guarantee that we are more honest and diligent than any other cleaning companies in terms of what we do and our pricing policy. We do not inflate the fee by overcharging for a small task or charging for the task we have not undertaken. We would love an opportunity to provide value-adding service for your business. You will not regret choosing SBHI.

All our cleaners working on Office Cleaning Sydney tasks are professionally trained and our cost for labour does not differ much when compared to the other companies. However, unlike other cleaning companies, SBHI purchases the cleaning supplies, equipments and machines in bulk to minimize the cost and returns the profit from the cost reduction to our clients. This is the reason why we can provide equivalent services at a cheaper price than that of other cleaning companies. Also we do not consider any job to be a small job. We endeavor to provide the best service possible for our clients with small businesses as much as we do for our large clients.

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to cotact us by the following methods.

1300 975 551
PO Box 206 Rockdale NSW 2216

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1300 975 551


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